Sincerely, K

Journaling is a mirror of the soul, this is an out pour of my thoughts, fantasies, opinions and dreams to the world.

Wallace and I haven pretty much had sex every day since we started (which is slightly awk because I was on my period for about 4 days last week).

Shit is addicting. He’s also spent the night over my house for a week straight. So there’s that. Shit feels good, but I never cum. Actually he hasn’t made me cum yet, but it’s okay. I often wonder if he’s the one. Sincerely, K

I feel like I’m reasoning with God. Trying to make a deal. Wallace has seen so much hurt this year and I just want things to be better. I just want to make the pain go away.

Also, he and I had sex for the first time today. He was my first and I was his. It hurt a little, and I cried afterwards so that was awk. But it is what it is.

Just pray for him guys. Please. I need everything to be okay.

School starts tomorrow.



He’s just so perfect.

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Gosh I wish he’d come back and make more videos. I love the way he dirty talks. 

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Because I can’t not tell someone! I started a year long letter to Wallace. Every time he pisses me off, makes me happy, or cry of laughter, I open up this note on my phone with the date and write about it. From my heart.

When we say goodbye (either in May or August) I’m gonna print all the pages I’ve typed over the past year and give it to him. I think it’s gonna be really cute.

I don’t know if he’s into that sort of thing, but hopefully he’ll like it and keep it forever.

I’m not great at the whole feelings thing and he knows that so this is kind of huge.

I’m just really excited about it.




Submission: we-lost-control

Pt 3 

we-lost-control made this just for us and has let us share with all of you she is so sexy.

Everyone re-blog this for us and there is more vids to cum.

Thanks we appreciate all of you

Her moans are so fucking hot. mmmm. I miss Wallace. 

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Wallace’s grandma passed away. He was with me when he found out. He cried for a bit, stopped, and left.

He said he needs to be alone. I don’t know for how long or what to do.

All I know is we were fighting before he got the call and now all I want to do is hold him and tell him how much I care.



Love her wet pussy. 

(Yes it’s 3 a.m. and I’m watching porn because Wallace had to work late, again.) 

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Wallace is talking about doing damn near everything with this money he’s about to get except take a bitch out on a date.

Like, what the fuck?



Why do I keep picking guys that have no idea what it means to put me first, not even first, but like simply treat me as a priority. 

I guess DMT kind of did, but not really because he’d spend the little money he did have on pizzas and shit instead of figuring out how to come see, but still when he got the chance to see me, he made it happen. He took what little he had and he made it work. He even had money for dinner (which we never went to, but still). 

Wallace and I’s one month is tomorrow (well it’s midnight, so today) and I just got back to our college town this afternoon and wasn’t sure how I felt about seeing him, so I didn’t say anything. But then he springs this shit about not being able to see me tomorrow (our anniversary) because he’ll be “working late” nigga do you not work late every fucking day? 

Also, it’s funny how he can stay up at midnight and have beers with some fucking stranger (I get he’s a soldier who recently came back from oversees and needs genuine companionship, but shit why did he have to pick my boyfriend?) but not drive 10 minutes to come see me.

We just talked about this, not even 24 hours ago. I’m sick of everything taking precedence over me and what does he do, put some random stranger and his job over me, on our anniversary, the first anniversary we’ve ever celebrated by the way. Cool.

Fucking cool.